Experience this unique opportunity to visit 'Monkey Forest' an exciting walk amongst 140 free roaming Barbary macaques.

You will be able to discover this amazing species as they exhibit their natural behaviour with no bars or cages to hinder your view.

to the Monkey Forest at Trentham in Staffordshire

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Did you know that humans are a species of primate?

Species are all placed in different categories eg. The cat family include your cat that cuddles up on your couch as well as the large lions that roam the plains of Africa. Primates include the Barbary macaques as well as all human beings.

Did you know that Barbary macaques are one of the only monkeys that do not have a tail ?

No ape (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons)has a tail, but most monkeys do. There are a few exeptions and one of those is the Barbary macaque. The Barbary macaques has been incorrectly thought of as an ape - you may hear them being called 'The Barbary ape' and this was because they dont have a tail. Barbary macaques are a monkey.

Did you know that the Barbary macaques have cheek pouches?

Have you ever seen a pet hamster with its cheeks full of food Barbary macaques can store their food in the same way. When you visit the park see if you can see the bulge in their cheeks (its a lot easier to tell in the younger monkeys).

What's new : Monkey Fun Work sheet

Did you know that Barbary macaques come from a temperate climate which means that they have hot summers and cold winters similar to Britain.

Most macaques come from a tropical climate and if they live in Britain they must be kept warm at night. The Barbary macaque has a big thick coat that they grow for the winter to keep themselves warm and they can therefore live oustide all year.

Did you know that Barbary macaques have the same amount of fingers as us and that they have nails ?

Barbary macaques use their hands to grasp and climb and they can move their thumbs the same as we can. We can not move our big toes the same as our thumbs, but the Barbary macaque can this helps them in gripping and climbing.

Did you know?

There are 21 species of macaques and the Barbary macaque is the only one that comes from Africa. The other 20 species of macaques come from Asia.




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